Voice: Shiozawa Kaneto, Tanaka Hideyuki (in Trois and after)

Guardian of peace-bringing “Dark”
Height-190cm (6ft 3in)
Weight-73kg (160lb 15oz)
Eye Color-dark amethyst
Hair Color-jet black
Birthday-November 11
Blood Type-A
Origin-a small remote planet
Lineage-a nomadic people
Nature of Sacrea-rest (stillness), rest as opposed to action
Age When a Messenger
From the Sanctuary Came
Age When He
Became a Guardian
Hobbies-tarot, looking at the stars, looking into his crystal ball, basking in moonlight, meditation
Interests-incense, watching sports (as when the younger Guardians play things like basketball)
Best Friend-Lumiale
Worst Friend-Julious
Ideal Woman-a spirited woman, a wise woman
Favorite Scent-the scent of sandalwood
Favorite Animal-cat
Favorite Drink-Irish coffee
Favorite Food-litchi, vichyssoise, split pea soup
Disliked Food-lobster, escargot, mussels
Personality-Nihilistic, doesn't open up to others.