Voice: Canna Nobutoshi (formerly known as Hayashi Nobutoshi)

Guardian of courage-bearing "Wind"
Height-174cm (5ft 9in) (in Trois- 177cm or 5ft 10in)
Weight-61kg (134lb 8oz) (in Trois- 64kg or 141lb 2oz)
Eye Color-sky blue
Hair Color-chestnut brown
Birthday-March 28
Blood Type-O
Origin-main planet
Lineage-nobility (mother is a commoner)
Family-father, mother, younger sister, grandmother
Nature of Sacrea-movement, bears the breath of life
Age When a Messenger
From the Sanctuary Came
Age When He
Became a Guardian
Hobbies-sports, archery, rock climbing
Interests-basketball, singing
Best Friend-Marcel
Worst Friend-Zephel
Ideal Woman-a girl who says things that come to the point
Favorite Scent-attractive scents
Favorite Item-frisbee
Favorite Animal-dog
Favorite Drink-cola
Favorite Food-teriyaki burgers, pot-au-feu
Disliked Food-tomatoes, shiitake mushrooms, olives
Personality-A hot-blooded youth with a strong sense of justice.