Voice: Iwata Mitsuo

Guardian of ingenuity-bringing “Steel”
Height-169cm (5ft 7in) (in Trois- 171cm or 5ft 7in)
Weight-51kg (112lb 7oz) (in Trois- 53kg or 116lb 14oz)
Eye Color-ruby red
Hair Color-platinum
Birthday-June 4
Blood Type-B
Origin-industrial planetoid belt
Lineage-commoner, engineer (father works in a factory)
Family-father, mother
Nature of Sacrea-technology, technology to process metals and minerals
Age When a Messenger
From the Sanctuary Came
Age When He
Became a Guardian
Hobbies-tinkering with machines, squash, rollerblading
Interests-nanomachines, things about the environment
Best Friend-Luva
Worst Friend-Randy
Ideal Woman-an average girl
Favorite Scent-the smell of soap
Favorite Item-mechanical engineering book
Favorite Animal-cat
Favorite Drink-mineral water
Favorite Food-chicken curry, tacos
Disliked Food-jam, fresh cream, the fruit in salad, candy
Personality-Rebellious, but gentle at heart, a boy who likes machines.