Clavis by Naru
Clavis 1 by Elizabeth O.
Clavis 2 by Elizabeth O.
Favorite Characters by Elizabeth O.
Clavis and Angelique by Caroline Rivera (onnasama)
Julious by Caroline Rivera (onnasama)
Zephel by Caroline Rivera (onnasama)
Oscar by Caro
Catis by Manu chan
Olivie by Manu chan
Angelique and Rosalia by Aki no Sacura
Julious and Oscar by Aki no Sacura
Randy and Olivie by Aki no Sacura
Zephel, Marcel, and Luva by Aki no Sacura


I don't mind crying for you by Lady Candar
Confession Part 1 by AnimaeChina
Confession Part 2 by AnimaeChina
Confession Part 3 by AnimaeChina


Angelique Drinking Game by Bekah
Top 10 Reasons To Love Clavis-sama by Robin Leonor D. Perhaps
Harukanaru Toki no Naka de Review by Janet Losey
Winamp Skin- Young Clavis and Julious by Noelle
Winamp Skin- Etoile Julious by Nemo
Angelique KiSS Doll by Alcy


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