Angelique Generation

Angelique Generation is a special edition of Fandela. It is over 320 pages (nearly an inch thick) of Angelique comics by various artists (similar to the comic portion of LoveLove Tsuushin). Featured is the 100 page Angelique Tenkuu no Requiem comic by Sakurai Anzu that follows the plot of the game. There is also information on all the characters (including color pages with illustrations of the Guardians in various costumes and their new costumes), all of the games, and various other things.

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that comes with the magazine.
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"Angelique Tenkuu no Requiem- Prelude" by Sakurai Anzu
100 pages. It recounts the events of the game from Rosalia enlisting the aid of Angelique to save the cosmos to everyone getting their special skills at the chapel.
"The Queen's Mischief" by Tachibana Kaimu
Oscar, Olivie, and Lumiale are turned into children, and Randy, Zephel, and Marcel decide they like them better that way. *My favorite!*
"Steel's Pure Heart" by Mutchiri Muunii
Angelique makes a date with Zephel for Sunday, but Marcel and Randy end up inviting themselves along, much to Zephel's chagrin.
"24 Hours in the Life of a Guardian- Guardian of Earth Edition" by Ootomo Kiya
A reporter follows Luva around all day making comments about what is going on. *Another favorite!*
"Sweet here after" by Shimokitazawa Suzunari
Olivie and Angelique discuss her lack of sleep.
"Approve you" by Fuyunagi Reku
Sei-Lan is always cold towards Angelique and Rachel, although Angelique seems to like it. Angelique decides she going to keep trying until she breaks through the ice. But by wearing hats!?
"The Rain Falling on You" by Kominami Tatsuya
Zephel isn't happy that Luva rejected Angelique so that she would become Queen.
"Fortune Cookie" by Shimeno Tsukasa
Marcel accidentally uses herbs in his cookies that cause whoever eats one to become captivated by him. Of course, he gives one to everybody.
"Love Magician" by Akiyama Tamayo
Randy asks Oscar how to approach girls.
"STAY WITH YOU" by Kitakami Ryou
On a far away planet, Oscar meets a girl who looks exactly like Angelique. And she mistakes Oscar for her brother who went off to war.
"Angel's Surprise Attack" by Nakagawa Katsumi
Julious is surprised to meet Angelique while taking a walk, especially since he had rejected her so that she became Queen.
"My Precious Day" by Yura Kairi
Dia holds a bazaar in the park and asks all of the Guardians to contribute.