Sweet Ange

The Contestants

Ange (Angelique Limoges)- middle school freshman, a girl who's full of life, but a little clumsy.
Rosalia- middle school freshman, a young lady of noble birth.
Collet (Angelique Collet)- middle school freshman, a gentle girl who's very hardworking.
Rachel- middle school freshman, strong minded and very smart, she's really a gentle girl.
The Sweet Knights

Marcel- from Pie Town, middle school sophomore, likes sweet foods, dislikes spicy foods.
Randy- from Cookie Town, middle school junior, likes sweet fruits, dislikes vegetables.
Zephel- from Juice Town, middle school junior, likes spicy foods, dislikes sweet foods.
Olivie- from Parfait Town, high school freshman, likes showy foods, dislikes plain foods.
Lumiale- from Jelly Town, high school freshman, likes vegetables, dislikes spicy foods.
Oscar- from Coffee Town, high school freshman, likes spicy foods, dislikes simple foods.
Julious- from Cake Town, high school sophomore, likes extravagant foods, dislikes simple foods.
Luva- from Japanese Confection Town, high school sophomore, likes plain foods, dislikes showy foods.
Clavis- from Tea Town, high school sophomore, likes simple foods, dislikes extravagant foods.
The Rose Contest

The Rose Contest is a cooking contest consisting of 2 parts. The 1st part is a preliminary contest in which you have 15 days to place 1st or 2nd in popularity. The 1st and 2nd place winners go on to compete in the actual contest. Contestants make 1 confection and 1 drink judged on the basis of the points given to each item and how well the two items go together.
Start Screen
The options are-
The categories are-
Pie (Marcel), Cookie (Randy), Juice (Zephel)
Parfait (Olivie), Jelly (Lumiale), Coffee (Oscar)
Cake (Julious), Japanese Confections (Luva), Tea (Clavis)
The numbers indicate the number of recipes you have out of the total.
When you start the game, you can only choose one from the 1st row of categories. You can later choose other categories when you meet the other Sweet Knights in the hallways of the school as you go to the different areas.
Smallney School

This is the main menu.
The options are-
Home Ec. Room, Shop, Info, Town
Sweet Market, Classroom, Save/Load
Home Ec. Room

The options are-
Make recipe, Trade hearts for recipes
Talk to Dia, Return to main menu.
When you make a recipe, Dia calls the Sweet Knight in charge of that category to rate your finished product. He then gives you the yes or no option of displaying it in his shop. If you say yes, it goes straight to the Sweet Knight's shop where it will gain you popularity (be careful, any previous item on display will disappear). If you say no, it goes into your inventory and you can later go to the Sweet Market to have it displayed or give it to a Sweet Knight as a present.
Once the real contest starts on the 15th day, gather the ingredients for 1 confection and 1 drink and talk to Dia to start the contest.

This is where you can trade hearts for ingredients. The options are-

The options are-
Card info, Recipe info, Return to main menu
Confection info (Items on display, Items you're carrying), Character info.

This is where you ask a Sweet Knight to take you into town. You must also choose at least one rival to go along.
The options are-
Roulette, Item
Info, Map.

Strawberry- You get ingredient cards or items. Note that your items disappear once you leave town.
Face- A Sweet Knight talks to you and gives you advice. One of these squares (usually the last one before the goal) is a special square where the Sweet Knight will give you a secret recipe.
Hearts- You get an opportunity to become better friends with the Sweet Knight. He will come to you and follow you around for a few turns, asking you questions (whether an ingredient is used in a recipe or not), talking to you, or asking you to accept presents.
Winged Shoe- You either advance a few squares, jump to a different location, lose one or two turns, or get hearts.
Star- You get an extra star added to the quality of one of your ingredient cards.
Bell- Match 2 cards to get ingredients or hearts.
Gem- Get ingredients or hearts.
Sweet Market

This is where the Sweet Knights have their shops.
The options are-
Make a request (Ask about popularity, Display), Talk (Greeting, Present)
Ask about popularity- Find out how popular your confection on display is.
Display- Ask the Sweet Knight to display one of your confections (be careful, any previous item on display will disappear). Don't leave the same confection on display too long, it loses its popularity after a while.
Greeting- Receive encouragement and learn about other Sweet Knights' likes and dislikes when you get new recipes.
Present- Give the Sweet Knight a confection.

This is where your classmates/rivals give you advice and where the Sweet Knights sometimes give you ingredient cards. When you've gathered all but the last recipe for a category, go here to receive the last recipe from the Sweet Knight.