Leviath's Followers

This information is from Angelique LoveLove Tsuushin Vol.12

Kiefar (Julious)
Age- 27
Height- 180cm
Emperor's adviser, chief subordinate.
His tone is polite, but he speaks of cruel things nonchalantly. He likes to see others in sorrow and fear. From an aristocratic family.

Cain (Clavis)
Age- 29
Height- 183cm
Emperor's adviser.
He was originally a cheerful and gentle young man, but his fiance's death changed him. He is cool and composed, yet he has no cruelty.

Walter (Randy)
Age- 18
Height- 173cm
A person with dual personalities.
His personality split in order to endure abuse from his father when he was young. He is devoted to the Emperor without questioning his word.

Eugene (Lumiale)
Age- 21
Height- 178cm
A person who doesn't show emotion.
Once, in order to follow the Emperor, he killed his betrothed from childhood. He is taciturn and always has his eyes lowered.

Gerhard (Oscar)
Age- 22
Height- 193cm
Originally a pirate.
With his rough-and-ready personality, he doesn't think things through very thoroughly. That he has never met a woman face to face is his secret problem.

Giovanni (Marcel)
Age- 24
Height- 176cm
A brilliant liar.
He isn't bad at heart, but pleasure-loving, he doesn't stop lying. When speaking, he gives the impression of being younger than his age.

Sionna (Zephel)
Age- 15
Height- 165cm
A boy genius.
He is a genius, but he is troubled because he can't understand the crime of "killing". When he was 10 he ended up killing his older sister and was loathed by his parents.

Ka-Fai (Olivie)
Age- 27
Height- 179cm
A hunter who hunts people.
He is from an impoverished country with only terrorism and war. He calls war a "game of life and death". He was charmed by the Emperor's battle ability and became his follower.

Renaud (Luva)
Age- 13
Height- 161cm
An obedient boy.
He is meek and loved by his friends. In truth, he hates "killing". He sees in the Emperor the image of his elder brother who died when he was young.