Rachel's Notes: Guardians' Introduction

Guardian of "Light", presides over pride.
The head Guardian with the longest reign. With a strong sense of duty to self and others and a stern personality, he coordinates the individual Guardians. The smile he sometimes shows is rumored to be gentle...

Guardian of "Dark", presides over peace.
The Guardian with the next longest reign after Julious. Because of his pessimistic personality, he doesn't talk much. In his eyes that reflect loneliness are hidden memories of long past...

Guardian of "Wind", presides over courage.
He has a bright optimistic and carefree personality. He is adored as a caring big brother, but his strong sense of justice and diligence sometimes backfire.

Guardian of "Water", presides over gentleness.
The owner of a quiet personality, he meets others with a gentle smile and courteous attitude. He has an inner fortitude. Harp performances are his specialty and there are many people who like his music.

Guardian of "Fire", presides over strength.
The playboy Guardian who charms the hearts of women with his sweet words. Besides being passionate, his speech and conduct are full of self-confidence. Whom will he let see the pure heart hidden in his trifling words?

Guardian of "Green", presides over bounty.
The nature loving youngest Guardian. He is a bit spoiled, but he is loved by all for his bright and docile personality. He is young but firm in his beliefs.

Guardian of "Steel", presides over ingenuity.
The defiant words he uses and his rough attitude are the reverse of his pure heart. He is a gentle boy at heart and the truth to the rumor that he is a loner.... He is clever with his fingers and his specialty is tinkering with machines.

Guardian of "Dream", presides over beauty.
The individualistic Guardian who loves freedom, pleasure, and beautiful things. But beneath his free and self-indulgent speech and conduct is subtle consideration and his real gentleness is concealed.

Guardian of "Earth", presides over wisdom.
With his gentle way of speaking and goes-at-his-own-pace personality, he is a senior Guardian familiar with everyone. It is said that the profundity of his knowledge is the most in the universe and even though he is naturally absent minded, he still has the advantage.