Rachel's Notes: Others' Introduction

Soldier of the Royal Expeditionary Force.
Frugality and fortitude are his credos and he is a tireless hard worker in his self-discipline. He is serious when he is working, but in his private life he also has a candid and simple hearted side. In the previous examination he was the instructor of "Mind".

Peerless artist of universal fame.
A freedom loving capricious artist. He makes enemies easily with the cynical things he says, but he doesn't care. In the previous examination he was the instructor of "Sense".

Royal heir of a subtropical planet.
He received training as a crown prince, and everyone likes him for his modest and bright personality. The boyishness he sometimes shows is charming. In the previous examination he was the instructor of "Dignity".

Head researcher of the Royal Research Institute.
An elite scientist who is the youngest person to become head of the Royal Research Institute in history. He is an expert in cosmogony. But, because he lives devoted to research, he is more shy with women than he has to be.

Fortune-teller from the Fire Dragon clan.
Tremendously shy, but he is loved by all for his charming and gallant personality. His skill in fortune-telling is first class. He is the cousin of Sara, the fortune-teller in the examination before last.

Mysterious Merchant
Merchant whose identity is unknown.
Seeing his characteristic odd way of speaking, he is a dubious merchant. He doesn't worry about trifles and has a very cheerful personality. He has a playboy appearance, but his real personality is gentle and boyish... it seems.

Queen Angelique.
Governs the universe, supreme. Though she is diligent in the daily official business of the Sanctuary, her boisterousness has not changed. The Queen's Aide Rosalia is her friend from the time they were Queen Candidates.

Queen's Aide Rosalia.
A girl from the aristocracy. Together with the Queen, she is diligent in the official business of the Sanctuary. Her beauty and nobility make people admire her, but she has shown her real personality only to the Queen surprisingly....

Queen's Aide Rachel.
The indispensable talented Queen's Aide of the new universe. She is the author of these notes and an acknowledged girl genius. Her doesn't-mince-words tone makes a strong impression, but it is harmless.