Rachel's Notes: About This World

The Queen Examination Before Last
The cosmos that was collapsing was being transferred to a new place, at the same time, in order to conduct the alternation of the Queen, the previous Queen conducted the examination on the Flying City.
The examination ended with the blond girl Angelique being inaugurated the 256th Queen and the aristocratic girl Rosalia being inaugurated Queen's Aide.

The Previous Queen Examination
After the last examination, a strange orb was discovered in the ruins of the old universe.... Two girls were summoned to the Sanctuary, when they cultivated it, from inside a new universe was born.
To decide the Queen for this universe, six more collaborators were summoned to carry out the examination.
The examination ended with you being inaugurated Queen and me being inaugurated Queen's Aide.

About the Cosmos
It is a physical space where there are stars and planets. In the cosmos there are star systems and in the star systems there are several planets.
In this world there exist multiple cosmoses. As for cosmoses, there are those that are ruled by a Queen and those that are not, but in cosmoses where there is a Queen, a stable peaceful condition is maintained at length.

About the Sanctuary
It is the holy place where the Queen and the Guardians live. The flow of time and weather are controlled by the Queen, it is completely isolated by a gate from the surrounding world.
It is on the "main planet", a land at the center of the cosmos, but ordinary people are not allowed to pass through the gate of the Sanctuary without the Queen's permission.

The Queen's Role
In order to guide a world in which the occurrence of life has been induced in the best direction, she regulates the power of the Guardians.
During her term of office, she lives for a longer than normal time, but the rotation of the stars tells the time to alternate. When she hands over that role to the next person, she can go back to life as an ordinary person.

The Guardians' Role
Under the regulation of the Queen, they use their power for the sake of the cosmos. The Guardians each preside over a different power. Those powers all being equal, they are necessary and indispensable to the cosmos.
The same as the Queen and Aide, they are burdened with the fate of having to live a different time than ordinary people.

The Method of Planetary Travel
For travel between cosmoses, the "Dimensional Corridor" is used. To keep the Dimensional Corridor under the Queen's control, ordinary people cannot use it.
For travel within the cosmos, shuttles and a travel device called the "Star Path" are used. These are also open to ordinary people and are utilized for cosmos travel and trade and such.