The Opening

In this world there are various cosmoses.
Cosmoses ruled by queens, cosmoses with no ruler,
cosmoses controlled by emperors...

The setting of the story is one of those.
A cosmos supported by one Queen and nine powers...
Light, Dark, Wind, Water, Fire, Green, Steel, Dream, and Earth
presided over by Guardians.

At the center of this cosmos there exists
a sacred space called the "Sanctuary".
The Sanctuary is the place where the Queen and the Guardians live.
From here, the Queen coordinates the Guardians,
directing the progress of the cosmos.

But, the Queen and the Guardians' power is not eternal.
When their power declines, they alternate with the next candidate,
having to preserve the balance of the cosmos.

When the last examination to decide the Queen was carried out,
it was the 256th Queen,
Angelique's reign.

The candidates that went to the Sanctuary were
the girl genius Rachel and
an ordinary girl
attending Smallney Girls' Academy.

The examination ends with the girl becoming Queen,
but the alternation drama in this cosmos is not carried out.
She must govern a new cosmos.
A young world born in a different cosmos from the present one.

She appoints Rachel as the Queen's Aide,
and with hope and uncertainty and dreams in her heart, she sets out for the new cosmos.
As the Queen of the creation of the world,
to spin a new tale.

They put this cosmos behind them,
and some time passed...
History began.

Queen: I wonder what's the matter... I have a bad feeling....
Rosalia: Your Majesty? I don't understand.
Queen: ...! Rosalia, run!
Rosalia: Wh, what is it, so sudden.
Rosalia: I feel the indication of something very evil....
Queen: Rosalia, go through the dimensional corridor to where those girls are. And tell them of the crisis of the Sanctuary, of this cosmos!
Rosalia: But....
Queen: Go, hurry to the west tower. I... I'll go to the east tower.
Rosalia: Angelique... I understand.

Julious: ...It is an outbreak of abnormal situations.
Oscar: ...You've noticed it too?
Julious: ......!!
Soldiers: The Sanctuary has fallen. Come with us! Understand that the Queen is in our hands!
Julious: ...The stability of the Sanctuary destroyed this quickly.... Just how powerful...?

Lumiale: Ah...
Olivie: Oh no..., it's a bad omen.
Marcel: Lumiale-sama, your hand... is it alright?
Lumiale: Yes... thank you, Marcel. But actually, I have a bad feeling...
Luva: It's because of the weather, I'm sure. Still, raining so often is strange for the Sanctuary...

Clavis: Disaster...

Soldiers: The Guardians have all been captured! The Queen and the Queen's Aide are missing. What shall we do?
Emperor: Tell the Guardians she is a prisoner. Impudent! So she's taken refuge in the east tower. It will be a bother finding her. I'll seal the tower! Afterward you search!
Emperor: Hahaha! I will conquer this cosmos. And as king of the cosmos I will gather power, someday I will return to that planet... without fail. Hahahahaha!

Zephel: Damn, do they hit and run?
Randy: What are you saying, they're inhabitants of the same cosmos!
Zephel: But, do you feel it? Those aren't normal people!
Randy: There's certainly that atmosphere. But however you look at it, they're still human.
Zephel: Oh well, sooner or later we'll find a chance and escape!
Randy: Still, I wonder what's going on? This peaceful cosmos....

Victor: What is this atmosphere...?

Mel: Oh!

Timka: Oh...!?

Ernst: What?

Charlie: What is this?

Sei-Lan: The beginning of a story... is it?