Attack Type
Name Type Effect MP
Earth Shoots a sharp obsidian arrow, damages 1 enemy. 15
Obsidian Arrow
n̕ߔ Earth Tentacles of solid rock damage 1 enemy. 40
Earth Capture
ÂfR Earth Causes a giant fissure, damages all enemies. 55
Dark Precipice
g̒e Fire Shoots a crimson shining fire ball, damages 1 enemy. 15
Red Bullet
Ή̒ Fire Makes a pillar of fire flare up, damages all enemies. 25
Pillar of Flame
΂̗ Fire Creates a storm of scorching heat, damages all enemies. 55
Fire Storm
Ɏq̌ Water Shoots an ice blade, damages 1 enemy. 25
Glass Sword
X̊C Water Suddenly lowers the air temperature, damages all enemies. 45
Frozen Ocean
̓ Water Creates a silver blizzard, damages all enemies. 75
Silver Storm
̖ Wind Produces a swirling wind arrow, damages 1 enemy. 25
Hurricane Arrow
ԗ Wind A streak of lightning strikes, damages 1 enemy. 50
Roaring Thunder
̐n Wind Produces a tornado of vacuum, damages all enemies. 75
Whirlwind Blade
̉_   Creates a sleep inducing cloud, puts 1 enemy to sleep. 20
Morpheus Cloud
  High pressure parylizes 1 enemy. 20
Air Chain
ق̎   Makes 1 enemy unable to use magic. 20
Silence Gem
  Controls the shadow on the ground, damages 1 enemy. 25
Shadow String
͂̒n   Absorbs MP from 1 enemy. 50
Magic Horizon

Recovery Type
Name Effect MP
̊肢 With particles of warm light, recovers (a little) 1 ally's HP. 10
Heal Wish
̋F With a toxin neutralizing flash, recovers 1 ally's bad status. 15
Cure Prayer
̋F With a love filled prayer, fully recovers 1 ally's HP. 25
Heal Prayer
̉̐ With a ringing song voice, recovers (moderately) all allies' HP. 70
Heal Song
̋F Infuses a new vitality, revives 1 ally. 99
Revive Prayer

Support Type
Name Effect MP
̏ Creates a barrier of light, raises 1 ally's defense. 15
Sanctuary Shield
ܔM̐n Adds the protection of scorching heat to weapons,
raises 1 ally's attack.
Scorching Blade
Wraps in invisible clothes, raises 1 ally's agility. 15
Phantom Clothes