Gathering the Collaborators

The game begins at the party before Timka's coronation. Mel is worried about Victor who has yet to show up, so he gets the idea to use a crystal ball to find out what is keeping him. He sees Victor and Rosalia running down a hallway and wonders whether it has to do with a bad premonition he had that something is happening in the Sanctuary.

The scene changes to Angelique and Rachel who are discussing about that life has yet to appear in their cosmos. Rachel tells you she is starting to format her life-form data and wants you to enter your information first. Enter your name (you can press START for the default of Angelique), sign, and blood type. She tells you that she also has data about various people from before you came to this cosmos and asks you if you want to read it (yes/no). As you reminisce about the Sanctuary and the Queen Examination, you hear someone calling you. To your surprise it's Rosalia with bad news. She flashes back to what happened.

Queen Angelique has called all of the Guardians together because she has a feeling that something awful is happening. She wants them to investigate an abnormality on a planet called the "Planet of the Ancient Castle Ruins". Julious is surprised they would be asked to investigate firsthand and Clavis thinks it's a problem for the Royal Research Institute. Randy asks where it is and Lumiale answers that it is at the outskirts of the cosmos. Oscar finds it hard to believe that a place so far away could have an effect on the Sanctuary. But Marcel says the Sanctuary is different than usual, the sky is dark like before a storm. Zephel thought there weren't storms in the Sanctuary. Olivie says that's because Her Majesty senses a disaster and Luva begins a long winded explanation. Zephel puts off the explanation until later and asks who is going to go. Rosalia tells them that it hasn't been decided and Oscar, Luva, and Lumiale make excuses. Zephel calls them cowards and volunteers. But Queen Angelique doesn't want him to go alone and chooses Randy to go along with him. Neither is particularly pleased and Marcel tells her they would only end up fighting. Olivie tells him it's alright since Her Majesty has given it due consideration. She asks both of them to accept, which they do.

Randy and Zephel arrive at their destination and decide to look for the nearest village. But it doesn't feel like people live there, it's too quiet. Suddenly some people come up to them. Zephel senses an intense hatred from them and wants to fight. Randy stops him thinking they're normal people and Guardians aren't supposed to hurt ordinary people. The people want them to go with them. They decide they can't do much but go with them. Randy's afraid they're going to be eaten and Zephel asks if there are people like that in this cosmos. Randy says they don't know and whether this might be the disaster Her Majesty was talking about. Zephel says that's nonsense and that they might learn something if they go and see.

Rosalia's flashback ends and she tells you she doesn't know what happened after they were captured. She thinks the key is the Planet of the Ancient Castle Ruins since just after they went to scout the planet, disaster occurred in the Sanctuary. You are hesitant but Rosalia tells you that the Queen sent her because she believed in you. Rachel tells you she'll take care of things while you're gone and urges you to go (yes/no). You're forced to say yes. Rosalia giggles when she sees what good friends you have become, like the Queen and herself. She then takes you outside to give you the battle suit she left outside the Dimensional Corridor. She also gives you the staff "Blue Elysia" and you leave with her. Rachel hopes you come back soon since you wanted to see first birth of life together.

Rosalia takes you to where Victor is waiting. Surprised, you ask what he is doing there. He tells you that he felt the abnormality of the cosmos. He investigated with the Royal Expeditionary Force but found out nothing. He didn't like just waiting so he came to see the condition of the Sanctuary by himself. The situation was serious. He easily came through the gate to the Sanctuary that should have been securely closed. Rosalia then tells you she met Victor on the way to the Dimensional Corridor and asked him to escort her. Since regular people aren't allowed through the Dimensional Corridor, Victor had to wait there. He regrets not having arrived sooner. Rosalia notices the quiet and Victor confirms that all the Guardians have been captured. Rosalia asks you to find the people who collaborated on the examination. With their help, you might be able to save the Guardians. Victor objects that they aren't suited to fighting and Rosalia assures you it's alright since your staff gives you and your companions the power of magic. Rosalia tells you she is going to go back to the east tower to help the Queen and asks Victor to protect you. She directs you to the "Star Path" and starts to leave, then she remembers she forgot to tell you about the Time Spirit. She explains how to use save points and then leaves. Victor suggests that the first thing you have to do is go to the Planet of the White Palace. Timka is about to be coronated and it won't be easy for him to leave once he becomes king. He tells you Mel was invited there too. You ask if the other people from the Queen Examination will be there and he tells you they might be if they received the announcement. Don't forget to save. On the way out, Victor apologizes for calling you Angelique before, since you are Queen now. He wants to know if he should call you Your Majesty (no/yes). Either way, you'll end up letting him call you Angelique.

Meanwhile, Leviath checks in on Roxy who has completed sealing the tower and is going to build a device to absorb the Queen's power and turn it into energy for Leviath. Leviath talks about his goal to use the Queen's power to bring destruction and rebirth to the cosmos from which he was banished, and of which he believes he is the rightful ruler. Leviath notices Rosalia coming and admires her loyalty in coming back. He wants Roxy to let her into the tower so that she can see the Queen lose her power right before her eyes. Leviath is going to look at the life around the forest and then go back to the "Planet of the Ancient Castle Ruins" to revive his faithful followers.

Victor gives you a brief explanation of the battle system during your first battle. Afterwards you discover your enemy is now a very confused man. The monsters you are fighting are brainwashed and transformed people. As thanks for saving him, he gives you a pouch with money and sandwiches. Before he leaves he asks you to save the other people who have been transformed. You mention to Victor that your chest feels warm. Victor thinks it is because the man's feelings of joy at being freed and gratitude warmed your heart. You save a person's heart by breaking the brainwashing and it is given to you in the form of gratitude. From now on there will be things that are painful but this will help you get through them.

As you leave the forest, Leviath watches you and talks to himself. You look so much like someone he knows that he decides he can't kill you. And he noticed you casting magic with your staff, which could be useful to him. He decides to watch you for a while.

You arrive at the Star Path and use it to leave, but not before you have a little trouble remembering how to use it.

Meeting Timka

Go the palace in Castle Town on the Planet of the White Palace. You decide to split up and search and Victor begins to question people. A little boy starts crying. Victor notices he seems to have been separated from his mother. You ask yourself whether you should look for his mother (yes/no). It doesn't matter what you choose. Victor offers to take the boy to find his mother but he would rather go with you. Victor asks him where he lives and he tells you it is the inn at West Town.

Go take him to the inn at West Town. Asking around in West Town reveals his name is Rufus and they repeat he lives at the inn. His mother thanks you and says you can stay at the inn. You collapse from exhaustion as you're thanking her. His mother has Rufus prepare a room so you can rest.

A small crowd gathers as a fire rages at the inn. One of the spectators asks if there is anyone inside. There is a guest, you, still inside. But no one will save you. One man braves the flames and saves you. He tells you he is Arios, a traveler and you thank him before you're unconscious again. One of the people offers the use of their home so you can rest.

You wake up and Arios next to you. You thank him for saving you and he reminds that you already thanked him. When you call him Arios-san, he asks you to just call him Arios. You ask him about his journey. He doesn't have any destination, he's traveling to improve his sword arm. He then asks what you're doing. You tell him you're looking for your friends but you can't really talk about it. He finds that interesting and offers to help. You ask yourself if you should let him become your ally (yes/no). He realizes he still doesn't know your name. You tell him your name is Angelique. He's heard that it means "angel" and says it's a nice name. Arios tells you to get some more rest and starts to leave. You ask him where he is going and he replies that he is going to leave the town for a bit and reassures you that he is not going to disappear. When your business on the planet is finished, come to the bar. He will probably be back by then.

Meanwhile, back on the Planet of the Ancient Castle Ruins, some of Leviath's followers are talking. Gerhard (Oscar) is enjoying having a body again and is thankful to Leviath for reviving him. Walter (Randy) tells Gerhard he's being too loud and asks Eugene (Lumiale) if anyone lives on the planet. He replies that Leviath had everyone brainwashed to make the planet their base. Some of them were even transformed. Gerhard asks what they are supposed to do if there is no one around to fight. Eugene tells them their first job is to get used to their bodies and that he has received instructions to go brainwash the people of the Planet of Deep Fog and leaves. Gerhard and Walter decide to fight each other.

You wake up with Victor and Mel in the room. They heard about the incident from Rufus. Mel tells you that when Victor first told him the situation, he didn't want to fight. Then he remembered that his cousin Sara told him that how a person overcomes fear is what determines their worth, so he agreed to come. You agree to let him help. Victor suggests they go to the palace, but you tell them that you let the man who saved you from the fire join you, so you decide to meet him first.

Go to the bar only to find that Arios hasn't returned yet. Victor reminds you that you don't have time to wait. Mel notices you call him plain Arios and suggests you try and go get Timka to join.

Go back to the palace. You ask the guards and they let you through. Timka is surprised to see you when you meet him. He is also relieved to see Victor who hadn't shown up for the party. Mel tells him that you and Victor were in the Sanctuary. You tell him that Rosalia asked you for help. Victor tells Timka the situation. Timka can't believe it and Mel tells him that he also didn't believe it either. Victor says they have to get over their disbelief. All of you beg Timka to join and Victor asks him whether he can't postpone the ceremony. Timka wants the night to think it over. The coronation is tomorrow and he'll come to a conclusion before then. You agree and he offers to let you stay at the palace for the night. Mel's excited because it's his first time staying at a palace. It's Victor's first time too and he is a little nervous.

In the morning, Timka tells you there are some people he would like you to meet. He takes you to his parents. Everyone introduces themselves. Timka's mother says she's heard all about you. Timka's father asks you to excuse his appearance. Timka's younger brother introduces himself as Kamran. Mel is surprised he is so young yet he can introduce himself. Timka explains the situation to his parents. He tells his parents he is going with you and apologizes. His father assents and tells Timka to tell the people gathered for the coronation. Mel is sure it will be alright since everyone in the town said they loved Timka.

Timka addresses his people. He asks them to forgive him and tells them he is going on a journey. He doesn't know when he will come back. He assures them that he is not running away from becoming king. He can't tell them what it is that he has to do, but he will return. He asks his people to wait until then. There is a moment of silence and Timka thinks his speech didn't work. Then one person says they will wait. Others voice their support and Timka thanks them.

Timka comes back to take his leave of his parents. His mother tells him to take care and his father tells him to always believe in himself. Kamran tells his brother good luck and Timka tells him that the "blue feather of happiness" that Kamran gave him that he wears in his hat will protect him. Timka tells him to take care of their parents and everyone in the country until he returns. He takes his leave and Victor tells his father that he will take responsibility of Timka and not to worry. You tell them to take care of themselves and Mel thanks Timka's father.

In a hallway, Mel asks Timka that in his country doesn't he have to have a queen when he becomes king. Victor also remembers hearing that. Mel asks if he already has a queen somewhere. He says no, and that he thought about it after the Queen Examination. His experiences in the Sanctuary made him realize that he's still a child. He discussed it with his father and he won't get married until he recognizes himself as an adult. Mel is impressed that Timka is younger than him, but he is so level headed. Timka tells him that having the ability to tell fortunes is impressive, making Mel blush. Victor points out that compared to him, they're all children. Then he suggests they go, their journey is just beginning.

Outside, Timka asks who they are going to look for. Victor says Sei-Lan and Ernst are still left. Mel reminds him that there is also the merchant who was at the park and he remembers that they still have to find the man who saved you. Victor tells Timka that there was a fire in the inn where you were. You say that maybe he is back now and you decide to go to West Town. Timka hesitates thinking it is dangerous to trust someone you just met. Mel tells him that a bad person wouldn't have saved you and that he worries to much. Timka apologizes for doubting someone he hasn't met and Victor tells him that prudence is one of his virtues.

Finding Ernst

Go back to the bar at West Town. Victor introduces himself and wants to know if Arios is really their ally. Arios says it sounds like fun and Timka gets mad at him. Arios tells him to remember that there are people in the world who don't get overly serious. Timka apologizes and introduces himself. Arios has already heard about him and tells him that he has a lot of guts to risk himself in battle when the throne is right in front of him. He then notices Mel, who introduces himself but repeats his name, leaving Arios thinking it is Melmel. Mel quickly corrects him. Arios asks what they are going to do and Victor suggests talking to the townspeople one more time. Arios instead asks Timka if he has an idea since it is his planet. He starts to say no but then remembers that there is a Royal Research Institute in Castle Town. Maybe they've heard about Ernst. Mel is excited at the prospect of meeting Ernst again and urges you to hurry and go see.

Meanwhile, Leviath is trying to cast some magic, but it doesn't work. Walter comes in wanting to help. He thought making a magic creation was as easy as making a puppet vessel and putting a soul inside, but Leviath tells him it isn't. Blood is used, but it can't be a normal person's blood because it can't endure the shock when the summoned soul enters. Walter asks him if that's why he's using the Queen's and the Guardians' blood. Leviath tells him he can't use the Queen's blood because the resistance is too high. The Guardians' resistance is higher than he predicted so he will need considerable time until he completes all of his followers. And they can't get rid of the original Guardian until the vessel is made. They will get rid of them when his followers are completed. Walter remembers that he has to leave, he promised Gerhard he would fight with him. After he leaves, Leviath fails casting again. He says he will deceive them for a little while. Until the time is right, he should believe in the power of love.

Go to the Royal Research Institute in Castle Town. You find out that Ernst is on the Planet of White Aurora. Go to the Royal Research Institute in Small Snowfall Town on White Aurora. There, you find out that Ernst went to the Fourth Abandoned Mine on the Planet of Dark Veins to look for his friend Roxy, another researcher who disappeared suddenly.

Go to the Fourth Abandoned Mine on the Planet of Dark Veins. As you enter, Ernst is looking for Roxy, asking himself why he isn't there, where is he, if he is safe or still alive. After you encounter him in the mine, he is surprised to see you and asks if the Queen Examination is starting again. Arios asks what that is and you say you'll tell him later. Victor tells Ernst that they would like his help. You tell him that the Guardians have been captured and the Queen and Rosalia too. Arios tells him that they heard he was looking for his friend but this is more important. He asks Ernst to cooperate. You're appalled, but Ernst says that he's right. Ernst tells you that there were many puzzles to Roxy's disappearance. He had no reason to disappear. He was bright and optimistic, without worries. But the day before his disappearance, he became like a different person. He tells you that he is so worried he thinks his heart is going to break. He located Roxy in this mine, but he just missed him. But this is his own problem. The real problem is that he noticed that the cosmos was beginning to have negative energy which is coming from the Planet of the Ancient Castle Ruins. Roxy's disappearance may be related and he might have been chosen as a tool for some goal. He asks you to let him go with you to save the Queen and the Guardians. You ask if it is really alright to leave his friend and Ernst says it doesn't matter, it is the duty of researchers to exhaust their power for the sake of the cosmos. Mel is impressed. Ernst asks what they plan to do next and Timka says they will go look for Sei-Lan. Ernst reminds you that he is known as "the mysterious artist" and says that will be difficult because not many people know him by sight. Arios finds Sei-Lan strange and Victor says that feeling will be even stronger when he meets him. Ernst says he might find Sei-Lan using the Research Institute's information network and suggests going back to the Research Institute in Small Snowfall Town. Before Ernst leaves, he leaves a message on the wall and promises to save Roxy.

You automatically go to the Research Institute and Ernst asks you to come back tomorrow, his investigation will take a day. Arios expresses a lack of confidence in Ernst and Mel gets mad at him.

Go sleep in the inn above the Research Institute. During the night you can choose to get up and look for the merchant you saw during the day (yes/no). If you choose no, you'll still get to meet him later. If you choose to get up, don't forget to get the new items in the chests before talking to the merchant in the north of the town. He thinks you're a customer, but he's busy preparing for tomorrow. You have the feeling you've met him before and wonder whether you remember his name (yes/no). If you choose that you remember his name you'll go to the name input screen, you can press START for the default of Charlie. If you don't remember his name, he'll ask you to decide what to call him since he won't tell you what his real name is. Again, you can press START for the default of Charlie. He thought you became Queen of the cosmos and asks what you're doing there. You tell him the situation and he asks you to let him join (yes/no). You're forced to eventually say yes.

If you've gained Charlie, in the morning when you're all about to go into the Royal Research Institute, Charlie comes in late, saying he overslept. Victor is surprised when you say hello to him and Mel is happy to see him again. Timka asks what he is doing there and Charlie tells him that he heard the detailed story from you yesterday. He then asks if Arios is going to introduce himself. You prompt Arios to introduce himself and he does. Charlie starts to introduce himself as Charlie but then remembers that the name is supposed to just be between you and he. He introduces himself as a Merchant and describes himself as a poor handsome youth doing business all over the cosmos. He doesn't want to be on formal terms. Arios tells him not to worry, he has no interest in being on formal terms with someone who is called Merchant and a handsome youth. Charlie tells you that you seem to have gained a good friend. Mel reminds him that they were asking what he was doing there. Charlie replies that you told him yesterday about the disaster and that he wants to help. He asks to go with you again. Victor pokes some fun and tells him he doesn't mind but his suspiciousness hasn't changed a bit. You and Mel laugh and Timka suggests going to see Ernst.

Go inside the Royal Research Institute and talk to Ernst. He has been waiting for you and he knows where Sei-Lan is. If Charlie is with you, he interrupts Ernst. He's upset that Ernst hasn't acknowledged his presence and isn't more surprised to see him. Ernst ignores Charlie when he wants to know if he is being made fun of and continues talking with you. Sei-Lan has been seen on the Planet of Deep Fog. Timka is impressed he found out in one day. Ernst modestly tells him not to make too much of his gathering data and urges haste. The others agree.

Meeting Sei-Lan

Go to Sea of Fog Village on the Planet of Deep Fog. A woman comes up to you as you go in and tells you that you shouldn't go into the forest. Monsters have been coming out of the forest since a handsome, light-blue haired man came to the village. Mel wonders if it's Lumiale. The woman remembers that is what he called himself and she thought it was shameless that he had the same name as the Guardian of Water. He said he was going to gain allies for the Emperor. Ernst wonders if that is the identity of the person releasing the negative energy. Arios tells her you're looking for Sei-Lan. She doesn't know the name, but she saw a young man with shoulder length blue hair go into the forest. The woman leaves and Arios suggests you go into the forest, but you're worried about Lumiale. The others are worried too and Arios reminds you that you know Sei-Lan went into the forest and that you should start with doing what you can do. No one has any objections. Apart from the others, Mel asks Ernst why the woman didn't recognize Lumiale but knew his name. Ernst explains that to regular people the Guardians exist above the clouds, so it is normal that they would know their names but not their faces. There aren't any portraits. Mel is happy that they are friends with such amazing people and Ernst thinks calling them friends is being bold. Arios reminds them to leave.

Go to Sei-Lan's Cabin. You meet Sei-Lan and after the customary greetings, tell him the situation. He finally agrees to join you and says it sounds fun. Besides, he says, if he didn't say OK, you would just stay there and that wouldn't be very interesting. He asks you for some time to prepare. When Sei-Lan is ready, Victor asks what they are going to do next. You suggest going to save the Guardians and Ernst says if this many people pool their energies, there isn't anything they can't do. But Sei-Lan thinks reckless actions are a waste of time and strength. Timka agrees and suggests you go back to the village to regain your strength and make preparations. Something about Lumiale still bothers Victor and he suggests listening to the woman's story again. Sei-Lan asks about what you heard and Arios interrupts you as you are about to tell him. He tells Sei-Lan they heard a story from a village woman. Monsters are increasing on this planet because of a handsome man with light-blue hair. Mel questions Arios calling her a village woman when he referred to her as "miss" when he spoke to her earlier. Arios tells him to be quiet, he doesn't have to be courteous when he talks about it, he is worrying about a trifle, don't make a big deal out of it. Mel gets really angry and attacks Arios and Ernst has to separate them. Timka tells Sei-Lan that the person called himself Lumiale. Sei-Lan thinks that even if it is him, it doesn't help you much since Lumiale hates fighting. Ernst says whether it is true or not, the Emperor's power extends to this small planet. The universe has begun to be eroded by negative energy and the critical situation can only deteriorate. If they don't hurry something terrible will happen. Victor agrees and urges you to hurry to Sea of Fog Village.

You automatically go back to Sea of Fog Village and talk to the woman again. This time she mentions the man she saw had glittering red eyes. Lumiale's eyes are light-blue. You wonder what it means. Timka thinks it might be the Emperor's work. Victor says it means he has made an imposter of Lumiale. Arios remembers that there are 9 Guardians. Which means there may be 8 other Guardian imposters, Mel concludes. You have a bad feeling and decide to hurry and save the Guardians. You hope they are all safe.

Meanwhile, Queen Angelique and Rosalia are running from a dark haze through the east tower. The Queen doesn't know what it was, but when she got near it the strength in her body left her. Rosalia blames it all on the Emperor. The Queen is tired from running and they decide to rest a bit. But Queen Angelique senses danger from all around them. Rosalia tries to protect her, but a dark haze surrounds the Queen. She feels dizzy and that her strength is being sucked up again. She collapses and Rosalia begs her to wake up.

Now it's time to go save the Guardians.