Getting the Seal Key- Part 1

Go to Evening Waves Island on the Planet of the Blue Archipelago and talk to the elder. He tells you the only way to get to the moving island is by boat and to talk to the fisherman Renard on Fire Lure Island. He also tells you that someone else came along asking for the same information. It was a tall blond man, around thirty, who looked the same as Ernst. Ernst figures it must be Roxy and urges you to hurry to Fire Lure Island.

Go to Fire Lure Island. When you talk to Renard, if you have Randy, Oscar, Olivie, or Victor in your party, you go to the special event The blue maze before you talk to him about a ride to the island. He tells you he will take you there tomorrow when he goes fishing in the morning and lets you sleep in his house.

The next morning you meet Renard at the dock and he tells you he can only take two people in the boat. Arios volunteers to go with you. You ask yourself whether you will let him come with you (yes/no). Either way you'll let him come. He tells the rest of your party to stay on the island and that he can protect you by himself so not to worry. But one of your party is still worried so Arios tells them that they should stay so they can help if something happens. You're still hesitant and Arios has a little fun at your expense asking if you're having second thoughts about being alone with him. You want to wait until the storms stops so that everyone can go. Arios says they don't have time for that and one of your party agrees. They see you off and tell you to be careful but they are still worried when you leave.

The Deserted Island

Once out on the water, Arios tells you not to lean out, but you're seasick and end up falling overboard. Arios jumps in after you.

The scene changes to a flashback of Leviath and Ellis. Ellis wants to know if Leviath got into another bar fight. He tells her they called him "loser" and while he's used to it, they were persistent so he had to fight. He gets mad when she tells him not to pay any attention to it. He says she can't know what it's like. The crown was usurped by his uncle, his parents are hated by the people and royalty, and he's not even royalty. Only one eye is gold, when in royalty it is both. It would be better if his eyes were both green, so he could hide his royalty. He can't be free of the castle. He tells Ellis that even talking to her doesn't help. She tells him not to close his heart. She came to work as a servant for his mother and met him. She knows him and despite what other people say about him, she loves him and promises to stay with him.

You and Arios wind up on a deserted island. You wake up and Arios hands you back your staff which he says he took for safekeeping. You ask if Arios saved you, when he says yes, you (thank him/ask why?). Thank him. He checks your injured foot and tells you that you won't be able to move for 2 or 3 days. Then he checks and finds you have a fever. He tells you to go to sleep to recover your strength.

Now there is a flashback of Leviath in a bar. Some men insult Leviath and he hears them and throws down his glass. The men realize he heard them and leave. Ellis comes in and Leviath thinks his mother sent her to bring him back to the castle. She says that his mother didn't send her, she had to talk to him. He notices she's crying and asks why. She apologizes and says she can't keep her promise to stay with him. For a minute he thinks there is someone else. She says no then tells him she loves him and says goodbye before leaving.

Arios notices your fever is higher. You can ask him to (stay with you/leave you alone). Ask him to stay. Later, Arios picks some fruit and says you should eat now that your fever is down. He notices some blood on your forehead and wipes it away for you. The fruit is awful but when he asks, you can tell him it's (delicious/awful). Tell him it's delicious. He can tell it's a lie by your face but appreciates it.

Another flashback of Leviath. He can't believe Ellis killed herself. He thought they would be together for life, he loved her and now she is gone.

Back on the island, you're up and about and you notice a snake behind Arios and have to tell him something quick. You can (tell him to watch out/say nothing). Tell him to watch out. You push him out of the way and the snake runs away. He tells you that you should have thought of yourself first and that your sweetness could prove fatal someday. A squall hits and he suggests you take shelter in the trees.


That night, you can't sleep so you decide to go for a walk. Go over to Arios. He asks if you will keep him company for a while (yes/no). Say yes. He starts telling you about himself. He had a dark personality as a child and wasn't particularly loved. He hated his environment full of lazy men and gaudy women who clung to influence. He only trusted one person and you resemble her. He tells you your smile resembles hers and suddenly says he's sick of it.

At the picture
Arios: ...I didn't do anything for her. Just looking on like an idiot, I didn't notice... Don't look at me with those eyes! I... told myself to... dammit, do something. I don't want to regret anymore. Never again. Even though I go against my heart, if I can live without regret, I accept it. Ha... it's a barren existence. I'm sick of it... this night I think my existence is ridiculous...

Arios asks you to forget about what he just said (yes/no). Say no. He says not doing as you're told suits you. An earthquake hits and opens up a cave. Arios says you should find a way out quick before a tsunami hits. Go over to the cave. Arios realizes the snakes on the island came from the cave. He suggests you go in rather than being swallowed by a tsunami.

On the Hill

When you get out of the cave Arios starts laughing and realizes you've been on Evening Waves Island all along. You were washed ashore on the far side of the island. He says it's a nice view and decides to rest a bit.

At the picture
Arios: Ah, I've finally been freed from looking after you. You're a genius at causing trouble. You fell off the boat and to make matters worse, injuries and fever...
Angelique: ...I'm sorry, Arios.
Arios: H, hey. It doesn't mean I'm particularly angry. Pay no attention. ...You win. Alright. Since I also didn't particularly hate it. Whichever way, it was fun. Yes, it was not bad. I said something stupid. ...Sorry.
Angelique: Arios...

Arios says you should get going, you should arrive at the village by morning.

Back at the village everyone is glad to see you safe. They suggest you go rest and Arios leaves first. The person whose affinity with you is highest among your party who was left behind is the last person who sees you to the room, they were a little jealous.

The next day you talk to the group. You still have to get to the moving island. But Ernst says he received a communication from the Royal Research Institute in Small Snowfall Town on White Aurora. Roxy has shown up there with the seal key. He doesn't know the details and suggests you go there.

Once you get there, in front of the door to the Royal Research Institute you stop and you hear loud voices inside. Kiefar comes out. You ask who he is and say he's not Julious, if Julious is in the party he will call Kiefar an imposter and demand to know his name. He surprises you by knowing who you are. He then tells you his name and asks what you are doing there. Ernst tells him that's their line and that they should hurry inside. He tries to go in but Kiefar blocks him and asks if he came looking for Roxy. He says not to worry, he won't be going anywhere anymore. He betrayed Leviath and snuck out of the castle so he turned him to stone, still holding the seal key. He tells you if you want to pay him a visit go inside, he's sure you'll be pleased. He says you'll meet again and leaves.

Inside Roxy is a statue. Ernst regrets not killing Kiefar and begs Roxy's forgiveness. They have to turn him back to normal. Arios says that's easier said than done and that he doesn't know of any way. But Ernst remembers a story about someone who was turned to stone and the book is somewhere in the room. He asks you to help him look for it. Go to the bookshelf. He finds the book, "History of the Cosmos- Mysteries Edition", and tells you that despite the name it has sound information. He reads from the book a story about a child who was turned to stone and the parents' tears formed a sea. When it became an ocean a traveler came and said "Go across the stars and gather the gold, silver, and green gems, offer the light with the holy hand. If you do, he will return to normal. In a place where a dry wind blows there is the miracle of the glitter of gold. As the tide of the blue water flows, from the darkness rises a silver flower. Concealed in deep fog, there is a great tree of shining green in the forest." You ask what it means and Ernst suggests letting Luva hear it.

Luva has also heard that story, but thinks it is made up. Arios thinks so too but tells him it is the only thing they have to go on and Luva apologizes to Ernst. Ernst figures out that the locations of the gems are the Planet of Flowing Sand, the Planet of the Blue Archipelago, and the Planet of Deep Fog. But they still don't understand what "offer the light with the holy hand" means so Luva suggests they deal with that later. Ernst asks you which gem you should look for. You can choose (gold/other), if other then you choose from (silver/green). Ernst tells you the hint about the location and that if you go to the appropriate planet you may find out more. It won't work if you try and go find a gem other than the one you chose.