Getting the Seal Key- Part 2

The Gold Gem

Go to the Hell of Sandstorms on the Planet of Flowing Sand. You notice there's a big rock blocking the way and suddenly a voice identifies itself as Sekiren. It is the great tree that is guardian of the gem. But you may not pass unless you are holding it's body. After you all puzzle over that riddle a bit, Arios suggests finding someone who knows about the tree Sekiren. Ernst says that one of the researchers in Wind-blown Snowflakes Town does botanical research and may know about Sekiren.

Once there, go talk to the researchers. You tell the botanist the situation and ask about Sekiren. He tells you it is tree that has consciousness. Luva figures out that the tree's body is the leaves and fruit and you ask if they have any there. He says no, but that there was once a famous expert on Sekiren who worked there. When he left he said he was going to live in a warm place where he could use hot springs. It was the Planet of Sleeping something or other. You figure it is the Planet of Sleeping Earth.

Asking around on Sleeping Earth reveals that the expert you are looking for is the elder of Maple Village. When you go talk to him, he'll lend you his Sekiren leaf.

When you go back to the Hell of Sandstorms, the voice welcomes you and the rock disappears. Continue on only to discover yourself blocked now by a wooden wall. Randy tries to push it to no avail. Sei-Lan insults him by saying if pushing is no good, how about pulling it, since those kinds of simplistic ideas are his specialty. He then asks Ernst to look around the edge of the wall. Ernst sees what he means in that the wood is buried deep into walls so it is impossible to push. Randy says that trying something is more positive than just thinking about it and Timka agrees. Sei-Lan asks him if he has a plan. Randy figures out that they can burn it down by starting a fire with two pieces of wood. Arios says it is a good idea but if they do that it will take all day, but he knows an easier way to start a fire. He draws your attention to a beam of light coming through the ceiling. Luva has a magnifying glass and uses it to start a fire to burn the wall down. Luva says it's good to have friends so that they can put their heads together and Ernst agrees it is more efficient than one person.

In the next room, you see a golden tree. The voice of Sekiren tells you that it will speak to you if you can touch it without help. Only, it's too high for you to reach. Timka suggests you stand on Arios' shoulders, but as Randy points out, that would be help. Arios muses that if the tree grew from the ground, they could chop it down and Ernst asks him to be discreet. Sei-Lan suggests that everyone spread out and think individually. Randy, Luva, and Arios come up to get and offer encouragement even though they haven't come up with a good idea (the responses change according to your affinity). Luva informs you that Ernst and Sei-Lan have come up with a plan. They have found a large rock and figure that if they move it underneath the tree, you can step up on it and reach Sekiren. But the rock is very heavy. Ernst says that there is a slight slope, so with momentum, it should move easily. Only starting to move is the problem. Luva offers the use of his staff as a lever and Ernst suggests Randy, for his strength, move the rock.

As you step up on the rock, Luva tells you to be careful and Randy assures you that they'll support you if you slip. Sekiren gives you the gem, since you want it to save a person turned to stone. Everyone congratulates you (again, the responses change according to your affinity). Ernst reminds you to return the Sekiren leaf to the elder of Maple Village. You automatically go there and thank the elder. Outside, you get to choose from the remaining gems.

Leviath Interlude 1

Leviath's spell fails because the resistance is too high to be a vessel for the soul. He underestimated you as a normal girl, but realizes you're a Queen. He decides that if he can't make a magic creation of you, there's no sense in keeping you alive, but then decides it would be a shame to get rid of you since you resemble Ellis. He wants to somehow revive Ellis using your body. Cain interrupts and asks him what he is doing. Leviath tells him he was trying to make a magic creation using your blood and Cain realizes he wants to revive Ellis and is surprised that he still can't forget her. Leviath asks Cain if it were he, could he forget, to which Cain is unable to reply.

Walter and Kiefar are listening at the stairs and Walter asks Kiefar if he knew that Leviath's girlfriend committed suicide. Kiefar replies he did, naturally. Walter is offended by the remark since he can't help being a newcomer. Walter only knew that Leviath used the opportunity of her death to leave the castle. Kiefar says that incident was the beginning. Ellis was made the emperor's, Leviath's uncle's, concubine. So she jumped from a tower. Leviath's parents didn't object because his father was a coward and his mother was a hedonist who didn't want to risk being expelled from the castle and losing her imperial lifestyle. Walter feels sorry for Leviath, but Kiefar finds Leviath's way of life now bright. Walter is disgusted to Kiefar's amusement.

The Silver Gem

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The Green Gem

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